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Amazing, But could add...

This is a great app and I love it but I do have one recommendation. I this it would be really helpful if this app could have notifications for when to read the scriptures. You could set a time for the app to remind you to read. I think this would be a big help to a lot of people.

So Helpful!!!

This is nice!!!

Love the app. - nearly everything I need and it keeps notes

I have been using this for years. It has everything and will even read the scriptures to you. All the major church publications are included and are searchable. You can log in and mark text, add notes, and save favorite talks or passages as bookmarks. I still like the paper scriptures to read but it’s wonderful to have all this at my fingertips.

Notes cause app to crash

I decided to start annotating Gospel Library content using the “Notes” feature in the app. Annotated one General Conference address and now the app crashes every time I try to access my notes. Once the app starts crashing, it will then crash immediately after launch every time I reopen it until I uninstall and reinstall the app. It has been months dealing with this, with multiple attempts to reach out to the app support team, but with no solution yet (feedback from the app support team can be summed up as, “Have you tried turning it on and off again?”). As long as this issue remains unresolved, then I really don’t know what advantages the app offers over simply accessing the Gospel Library content directly through LDS.org.

Getting better but unable to share

Find it very odd that you can’t easily share articles from the ensign. I would think the capacity to easily share an article through link would be a basic pro-missionary feature. Please add an easy share feature

Downloading media

Downloading media scriptures error. I have been trying for weeks now.

Loading problems

This app used to load and run everywhere I had a connection. Since this last update, it will not load or run anywhere. Not in the chapels, not at home, not out wandering. My iPad has Verizon and Wifi, 64G memory, and over 25G empty to run things. As far as I can tell, all of my other apps run just fine as needed. GL is the only problem child. Any ideas? Thx, rcw

Poor quality

This app constantly crashes and loses my spot randomly. There were also time when the app would not work at all. It’s the only thing I found with scriptures and talks that you can listen to. If you find another app, go for that one over this one. This needs major work.

Best app EVER made!

I love this app! I can do anything LDS. I just don’t see why anyone wouldn’t love this app. I would give it 100 Stars if I could but I Can’t.😭 #GospelLibrary #BestApp #100Stars


it’s so nice to have all of these resources in one place! im so thankful for this app.

I still works

Often when I open this app I get a pop over or overlay that wants me to watch some video or another. I realize that this is not advertising, but it feels like it. Sadly I haven’t figured out how to turn this off. It’s sure irritating.

In app prompts are hostile and annoying

Why do I keep seeing prompt notifications when I open the app to do something specific. I open the app because I’m trying to look something up, it’s really annoying to be shown in app notifications that I have to dismiss to continue.

It just gets better

This app vastly enhances my gospel study. The only downside is that the RootsTech leadership sessions are not updated in a timely manner. The church’s temple and family history program changed dramatically in 2017, but the sessions were not updated until this year. Which doesn’t work because the church has completely revamped the program again and the current information isn’t available. Please upload the 2018 sessions so we can be studying and teaching the right information.

Refresh button?

Great resource app, but I’m gonna cut to the chase. I HATE the refresh icon as the bookmark update button. That’s not what that symbol means, and my brain can’t wrap around it, even as a tech guru millennial who is learning coding and used to be a buying consultant for his IT boss. It’s the wrong icon for the action, so my brain doesn’t get it and I constantly lose my place. PLEASE fix this! And that’s really my only complaint, but it drives me crazy that I have been in 2nd Nephi for about 5 months of daily reading all because of a misused icon.

Love the app, need new narrators

I LOVE this app, everything is updated quickly & easy to find. The only reason I gave it 1 star is to hopefully catch the attention of the developers. PLEASE, PLEASE change the Book of Mormon narration back to the old Bruce Lindsey version. He added so much to the scriptures for me, brought them to life. When I listened, I felt like I was there. I remember listening to the book of Alma in a completely new way, I felt like Alma was actually reading it to me. It changed the whole way I looked at it. I was excited to listen because I was completely engaged. The new narrator sounds like a computer & there is no emotion. I find it very hard to concentrate & find myself dreading my listening time. Please bring it back or tell me how I can revert back to that!!!!!

Last update erased my notes! :(

I noticed after this last update this week that my notations and highlighted selections were gone. Why would this happen? Is there any way to retrieve them? So disappointed. If this happens again, I will have to stop using that feature. Why waste my time?!

Pop ups-sheesh!!!

Stop. Just as I am trying to look up a scripture.

Love this app

I use this free app everyday and I am so grateful so it. Thank you so much for all the great content.

Temple recommend

1. It would be cool to have our temple recommend on our phone to scan at the temple. I use this same feature when shopping at Sams Club with my sams membership card 2. I’m not able to download general conference music via my iPad or iPhone


I LOVE this app! Easy access to SO much spiritually satiating content :-)

Wonderful, but why not an Apple Watch version?

This is the most important app on my iPhone, and I use it extensively. Wanting to have access to the scriptures at all times and all places, why not create a version for the Apple Watch? This would enable us to read a verse of scripture during the day, and even during activities where it may be difficult to carry a phone or iPad. Please create a watch version!

Crashes on iOS 11.3

After updating to 11.3, this app now hangs and then crashes all the time.

So Mormony

Amazingly mormony, so mormony its cool. Love it.

Review for Jesus The Christ (Audio) only

This review is only in regards with “Jesus the Christ” audio/speaker and nothing more. In case you didn’t know, there’s a manual/book of Jesus The Christ inside the app which can be dowloaded in its entirety. Briefly, there’s an audio feature which IMO the voice selected was just right for this particular text by the way. - The biggest gripe while listening to the audio was the spoken lines of each referenced used after the quoted material. This really caused tremendous distraction and out-of-focus reading mentality. While the rest of the scriptures, texts and other “audio books” did not exactly recited each reference, why would this text be any different? Please reconsider of redoing or replacing the voice over without reciting the actual references used within the content. Thank you so much!

Soooo very slow and buggy

When it works it is great. If I want to add a tag, it takes 6 seconds to respond. Also takes multiple attempts to open the app. Great content once you are in. Keep working on it.

Works but crashes

I’m using and iPhone 6 Plus but sometimes the app crashes when starting up maybe like 60% of the time. I don’t have any other apps running and my phone and the app are up to date. Please fix.


Gospel library will not open (again). :( I love it when it works. I think it may be trying to connect to on-line content. I guess I don’t know how to contact support, the App Store sends you to the church website, which sends you to the App Store...

Gospel Library App Suppot

Since the last update, I have been unable to launch Gospel Library. Should I delete the installed app and then redownload the app?


Great app but how do I find my past notes and highlights in this new layout? You used to be able to look at them from the tab at the bottom. Now I can’t find them anywhere.

Not connecting well to internet

The app isn’t doing well with streaming content even when connected to the internet.

Easy to use

Love that there is so much content included. Can go back in magazines to 1970s, this saved me on my mission when I was desperate for approved reading material! Thank you for all the work put into making this app great!


This usually works really well but I just re downloaded it and it won't work.

Love it love it love it

There has been few apps that I consider essential, this is at the top of my list. I love love love being able to have so much content at the tip of my fingers!!!!

Storage issues

I love the app, but it's using up all my storage space. Each time it updates it uses more space, up to 7.6 GB now. I wish there was a smaller version that didn't eat up all my storage.

Can’t print anymore

I’ve used this for years. The newest version doesn’t allow printing from the app. That is incredibly frustrating. Teachers need this feature! Bring it back!

Please fix

Please fix the bug when I swipe to a new page it scrolls me down half of the page. Also please fix the bug when I scroll and come to a video it starts playing the video. I feel like it should work when I click the video not when I touch the video to scroll up. Thank you.

Please fix it

I love this app a lot. However, lately when I try to open it on my iPad it will attempt to open for a few seconds and then it will close, so I’m not able to do anything on it. I hope this can be resolved because I want to be able to use it again.

New update crashing

I just updated the app, I believe it was 3/2/18 and it crashes on startup. I’m also glad to see others complain about the narration. I don’t think I heard computer narration, just a man and lady who aren’t pros and don’t speak naturally. I could do a better job (broadcasting was one of my possible career choices). I’m glad to hear that Bruce Newbold is doing most of the narration now (at least that was the case the last time I dared try to listen to the narration to see if I didn’t cringe) but I still miss the previous men who did it.

Needs Apple Pencil support

Would love to see improved annotations with Apple Pencil.

Please add small fix

Great tool. However when you complete reading a chapter and go to the next chapter the app leaves the reading on the last verse of that chapter. Can you please add a fix that once you close the app it resets all the read chapters to the beginning of the chapter so when you go back you don’t have to scroll every chapter back to the top? Apple i7 version 4.4.0 10322. Thanks

Simply wonderful!

This is a fantastic app, and I use it constantly. I love the tags, notebooks, and ability to navigate in between pages. It’s amazing just how much this app has to offer! And I love that the last update added pictures of the General Conference speakers to their talks! I saw a review that mentioned the computer-synthesized narrators, and that part isn’t my favorite, but I’ve never had a reason to complain. Five stars for this amazing resource!

Very helpful

I’m not one to ever enjoy reading the scriptures, BUT being able to listen to them through this app has definitely been great! I’m able to listen while I get ready for the day, cleaning, driving to work, lunch breaks, etc. The feature to switch from scriptures to the hymns and not lose your place is wonderful!

Great App👍😁👌

I love this app and helps me feel the spirit and be humble.

Will give 5 stars when this is fixed

Every time I want to highlight something it asks me if I wanna make and LDS account when I click no and close out the app and highlight something again it asks me again even after I’ve said no.

Bugs a plenty

Submitting support requests is painful. I like the app, but there are things that make it hard to use. I’ve contacted the developer multiple times and receive sporadic communication with basic troubleshooting like uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Great app

I enjoy using this app for everything church. I only wish it would not fade to black after a few minutes of non-use on my iPhone. When I had the android I didn’t have this problem. I cannot find a setting allowing me to keep it on.


Love the app. Can we get the ability to include pictures into our notes, as well as into the notebook and so we can insert them into the scriptures where they apply. That would be extremely beneficial.

More audio files

Is there any way to get the Leadership Training Library in text and audio files instead of videos for those trying to listen during their daily commute?

Pretty good.....but

This app has improved over the years and the updates, but.....why is is still so stinkin' hard to delete things that were highlighted? I mistakenly highlighted something realized I did it; went back to remove/delete it and the delete icon is there, but it is gray and won't let me do anything. Have tried about 30 times with the same results. This to me is very frustrating because I LOVE to highlight words and phrases, but if I mess up it's permanently there.

Needs the ability to print

In previous versions there was option to print from the app. After a recent update this is no longer available. This greatly impacts the way I study and plan lessons/talks in a negative way.

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