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Great reference library

What I like is I can find the authorized books, mag, and manuals in one place with cross reference.

Awesome update.

Fixed the back button navigation problem.

Another major regression from previous versions

You have removed navigation functionality (forward button) and made the back button more inconvenient (top of the screen). Makes the app frustrating and useless. I’ll go use non-church apps now. Perhaps most frustrating is that you still have the screen real estate. Move the settings back up top (which is infrequently used) and move forward/back navigation back down to the bottom (more frequently used). Terrible navigation experience. Poorly designed hierarchies and unnecessarily complicated home screen. Every time I update it feels like the design team is more concerned with features and additions rather than understanding what readers are actually doing. Simplify and you get a better result. (Think about how someone would actually read and annotate physical scriptures. E.g., if a reader checks out a cross reference in a different book, they will keep a finger in both places, frequently going back and forth to compare; you have made that impossible this version. Poor job.)

My favorite app

Give me purpose


I can not get the app to open now. I’ve had it for years but now it just shuts off.

Bring the back button back!

There used to be two back buttons - one to take you to the previous screen of a chapter of talk you were studying - and one to take you back to the table of contents. Now there’s only one, and I miss the other one! So many other great improvements, but that “update” has been a huge hassle - please correct it!

Glitches Fixed

Thanks to the developers who listened to our issues and fixed them. The in-app reporting of glitches is nice.

App needs a share button

I love the convenience of this app, however, where is the share button? There should be a button on here that you can click on to share whatever scripture or talk you are reading via text, Facebook, Twitter, etc... The church has been pushing for more engagement via social media lately. Adding a simple share button would be a simple but powerful way to further promote this endeavor.


I set my bookmark on Moroni 10 and now when I open it it immediately crashes. It’s an amazing app but don’t know what caused the crash on my iPhone 8. I restarted the phone but still the same problem. Any advice?

Glitches! iPhone 5s New update has ruined gospel library glitches

I used to be able to search a key work for example “meekness” click on scriptures and it would bring me to that chapter and verse where it is mentioned. I could put a phrase and the same would come up. Now I cannot. Now it only will show topical guide under scripture search and it is very difficult to what was previously their. I also have a glitch when this search happens and I click on a conference talk. It will say “1 of 30 matches” and have the arrows to scroll down to the highlighted word or phrase and I can move arround with them on the page now it is broken and neither the highlighted word is seen and the arrows don’t work. I love this app please fix.

Great for newer devices

The app is great for newer devices, but it requires iOS 10. For many people sporting older phones and unable to upgrade it comes as a disappointment that the app no longer works on their operating system.

Getting rid of the forward button is a huge step back

Version 5: Pros- Several improvements, I think all content can be downloaded at once in larger categories, I really like conference by speaker. Seems to download much faster. Content updates are absolutely excellent. I’m finding more and more great stuff added. Cons- The navigation design has been majorly downgraded (again). We should just go back to version 3 navigation, it is far superior. Why get rid of the forward button???? Now there’s just a blank spot. Instead of easily going back and forth I can only go backward. Oh the irony of this update... When I want to link something, it’s usually something I was just reading. Before it was fast and effective. Now, clicking the link button puts you to back to the top of the library. Why??? Now I need to find it all over which can be a huge process (if you’re doing this a lot). Whoever is determined to make the app look pretty at the expense of functionality needs to talk to people who actually use the app for studying to see how cumbersome the changes are. Other suggestions: -New scripture narrators. Particularly the Old Testament, the old version was lively and excellent, the new style is so robotic it’s unlistenable for many. Why not have the choice of narrator 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. since I’m sure some people prefer the robots too. -I miss where if you clicked on one of your links it takes you to the link’s location instead of a side panel. The side bar is cumbersome and a weaker way of doing things, particularly for study or teaching. -the sidebar was better on the iPhone where it was on the bottom of the screen and the size was adjustable. Now, when I read my scriptures I simply don’t look at any links or footnotes. It makes no difference for casual scripture reading, but it is a HUGE step back for scripture study.


Since the most recent update I am unable to access anything. All I get is a blank screen. I try to do a search but nothing happens. I am so disappointed with the update and so very frustrated!! I loved the app before the update.

Too much storage!

Downloading the app uses 284MB of storage on my iPhone 6s. After downloading a few books of scripture and conference talks (text only—no video), it grows to 500MB. Please reduce storage usage so we can use this on less expensive devices.

Search?? Back Button??

What exactly is going on with the search function? It seems broken. I can NOT find anything! Ugh. Also, I’m not sure how anyone else is doing, but I seem unable to go back to the original screen/homepage once I’m ‘done’ in one area. I’ve had to delete and reinstall this (stupid) version 3 times already just to get it to function. NO. PLEASE FIX.

yo they made the book into an app

that’s niceeeee

Undo, redo

Can you plz bring back the forwards and backwards arrows because all there is, is a back button which doesn’t help if you click it to many times by accident and then you are too undone and can’t remember where you were at in the first place so please again make the app have both of the arrows please

Great app

I love this app. This is definitely my go to app for scripture study. My only suggestion would be to place a change theme button in the multi-screens section or maybe allow for a long press on the related materials to flip to the settings gear. I don’t like going all the way back to the library just to switch to night mode. I’d gladly use an auto night mode if that were an option too.

Download issues

Love the app but downloading conference talk videos takes forever and never works on the first try - usually 2-3 tries, with closing and reopening the app in between. This has been an issue with previous versions too, can’t figure out why it hasn’t been fixed yet.

App keeps crashing when I open or try to delete notes

I want to a. Go into my notebooks and b. Delete all of my notes and start completely over. If I can get into my notebooks (which is rare because usually when I tap the icon the entire app crashes and I have to delete and reinstall it (this has happened at least 8 times)) when I want to delete any notes it does the same thing and crashes. Please fix and create an option so that I can delete all of my notes at once without crashing the app.

Missing content

App is great except for one thing. I had to download all my content again. Most magazines and conference talks were missing. I wish they hadn’t deleted it all as it’s time consuming to download each one separately.

Bad Night Theme

This new update messed up the night theme. I am only able to see a dark grey background with a black text, so it is less visible. Please add different colors of text so I can choose one preferable for me, please.

Please enable screen zoom for scriptures

I read the scriptures in my mission language of Japanese. The kanji characters are sometimes difficult to see. Please enable the zoom capability so I can enlarge the print as necessary. Otherwise, I LOVE the versatility and power of the app, particularly the ability to insert notes and see them appear across all platforms. Please continue the ongoing improvements and I’ll give five stars for zoom :)

I LOVE this app!!!!

It’s a fantastic app❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bad update

UPDATE: all seems back to normal so I’m thrilled. I use this app for all my gospel stuff. Everything is organized and neat. I have things I’ve been slowly studying for years. Everything syncs up great. I’m glad it’s working right again. Original: regret updating. It’s so glitchy. Yesterday all the pictures in the Ensign were huge and there was no way to exit out of it. Today all the content looks like a web page that tried to have a mobile version but failed. I can’t keep the night theme, because the color scheme has changed and it’s unreadable. I hope it’s all fixed soon. I miss using this app

Updating library

Stuck at updating library. Uninstalled and reloaded, same thing.

Accessibility settings flaky

Accessibility settings such as text size aren’t consistent across all menus. Users with vision issues may notice significant issues using app from screen to screen as these global settings are not applied to menus for text size and style.

Outstanding job developers

This is the most used app on my phone and iPad. I’ve used it since it’s very early days. It is become an outstanding app. It has help me increase my knowledge of the gospel, capture all my notes and thinking and messages, and overall improved my study of the gospel. I am very grateful for this app. And I look forward to every increasing functionality.

Bad update or bug

Update. - looks like it may have been a bug. It is back to normal. ——————————————————- I loved the app and welcomed new changes. The only thing I wish it had was the old voice back, but that’s not the end of the world. Well something went wrong and it’s not just my phone that this happened to. So this latest version took out all italicized chapter headings, no links to anything, no bold numbered verses, and bookmarks appear on the previous page but in the position of the right page. If you change the text size it only changes for that chapter so you have to do each chapter individually. And I’m sure there is more, but I’ll stop there. The app is ruined. I’m hoping it’s a bug because if it’s not I’m going back to the physical scriptures or maybe find some other app. I can’t tell you how bad it is. Don’t update if you like the way it is. You’ll regret it if you do. I’m sad. It ruins something that I enjoyed.

Audio book now limited. Bookmarks messed up

Please restore the ability to listen to lessons. I teach primary and this function makes my calling easier. I put a great deal of time into preparation and listening to my lesson a couple of times really helps. I am mildly dyslexic so after reading then listening I'm able to really prepare for teaching my class. I wish you would do the audio book function for all manuals. It would my my scripture study easier and listening to the words make meaning much clearer. Update 8/17/2018 Yikes what did you do? I really don’t like the new format for the scriptures. I liked it when it looked like my printed scriptures. The print size is too small and when I adjust it it doesn’t stay consistent throughout the app I have to adjust the size for each chapter and article. Please correct this so the print size will stay consistent throughout the app. This update should never have been done.

Night view is messed up with new update

I typically read in night view because it’s easier on my eyes but something happened to it with the new update. It is almost unreadable now. Instead of white lettering on a black/dark background it is black lettering on a dark background. Is there a way to please fix this? It was so much easier on my eyes and now I can’t hardly read in night mode.

Color Themes

I used to really enjoy the night color theme, since my eyes are a bit light sensitive from having PRK eye surgery. But with this last update it became black lettering on a black background making it extremely hard to read, so now I have to use a different theme which isn’t as easy on my eyes.

Why did you make the new font so ugly?

The thing I liked best about using this app to study over my hard copy of the scriptures was the experience I had when scrolling through the text. The last font, spacing and layout was very well done from an aesthetic point of view. It was pleasing to the eyes and made for not only a great tool but also a pleasing experience. Now the text is small and harsh and goes to the far extreme of both sides of the screen (where are the margins?). Yes it provides more content on one page but that content is too small and difficult to use. Yes you can manually change the size of the text in tools but that only works for that one chapter. You have to repeat the process every time you advance a chapter. The irony is when you pull up the footnotes they are in the old font and size while the main text is in the new aesthetically challenged font. It makes me want to read only the footnotes. Why can’t we have the best of all worlds, more info, pleasing aesthetics, pleasing font and for heavens sake some margins. All I know is that my study was more rewarding and spiritually focused in the last version. Isn’t that what we are striving for? I look forward to an improvement in the next version. That or let those who want revert back to the old way or at least have that option.

Love the app...but

I love this app. I'm glad that it doesn't take as much space on my phone anymore. However, i cannot read my scriptures or anything for that matter in night mode anymore. The text is too dark.

I love it for the gospel values but the new update is stupid.

You made the words tiny and the night theme all black instead of black and white impossible to read.


The newest update makes it hard to read and doesn’t work with the night theme.

Do not update to 5.0

I DO NOT RECOMMEND updating to 5.0 if you use the forward and back buttons, or if you use links. The latest update: 1) Lost “go forward arrow” after hitting the “go back arrow” 2) Lost some of the “linking” ability, not being able to do it from current article or already open tab. Also, it would be really great if the developers returned the app to a “reader format” on tablets by allowing footnotes to be on the bottom of the screen to allow wider columns like most other table reading apps. The app places the footnotes in a side column which significantly reduces the reading row for both the library source material and the footnote.

Love the app but problems with update

I love this app. The latest update is causing major problems for me. The app won’t open. It looks like its downloading files then goes to notes. I tried turning my Phone off then on. No luck. Tried deleting and reinstalling. No luck there. I’m just getting frustrated. I read about how wonderful the new update is and I can’t even open it on my iPhone 7 Plus.

Version 5.0

The new 5.0 version has some nice new features. In particular, I like the enhancements for Conference content. However, the release also removed a feature that I use frequently- the forward arrow button. Once you go back, you can’t use the forward button to return to the page you were just on. It is now a lot more difficult to switch back and forth between different chapters. I do this during lessons at church, or when comparing content, etc. The work around is to use the history on the bookmark menu. However, the history there does not keep your position on the page. So you have to remember where you were and scroll down to where you were. What you used to be able to do with one tap now requires 2-3 taps and scrolling. Another small bug is when linking content the add button doesn’t show up when you highlight content. You have to first tap the page you are on to get the add button to appear, and then select the content. (Don’t be confused by the fact that when you tap the page the verse that you tap changes to a light blue background. If you tap the add button before selecting content, the link will be to the entire chapter instead of the just the verse you tapped.) The add button should appear when you select content without having to tap the page first.

Disappointing Search Issues

I’ll leave my original review as it stands. I fixed the search results. When you type a search keyword, the results that pop up are as I stated: hymns, topical guide, and dictionary. However, if you tap on return, the true search completes. This pop up info is what has been introduced with this version. Changing app behavior like this is incredibly confusing. The release notes don’t even address this change in behavior. I find this change in search behavior more complicated and less intuitive than before because the new contextual shortcuts appear to be search results. I can’t be the only person confused by this change. ⁂ I don’t care about the GUI update. Search has either been severely hampered, or it’s broken. I have come to rely on the power of this app to find all references to a keyword in every downloaded document on my device. Now search only shows results for hymns, topical guide, and bible dictionary, or it shows results for articles not downloaded yet, but it shows NO RESULTS for scriptures. This is stepping us back over ten years, which is how long it’s been since I used the Topical Guide to find a scripture. Surely, search isn’t meant to be this useless now?

Great updates to a great app

I’m impressed with the 5.0 features and with the rate at which new features and fixes are coming out. Well done!

I love this app!

I had problems with this app when The new update downloaded to one of my iPads. I finally solved the problem by deleting it then reinstalling again. The problem was that the blue screen wouldn’t go away. After 24 hours of playing with the blue screen is when I removed it and reinstalled, works fine now. One thing I really miss is the clever Mormonads, that were in the New Era years ago, haven’t been added yet. If nothing else they could be used as screen savers for both children and adults on their devices as a reminder of consequences of getting off the path or used during lesson time with the youth or even the adults. Another suggestion would be to develop an app just for the Mormonads themselves. I would also like to see these offered for sale in the LDS bookstores in both 8x11 and 5x7 sizes for people to purchase that can be used in bedrooms or FHE lessons. A postcard size could also be sold individually to send to people as well.

Slew of Bugs

Since the feedback option itself is also full of bugs, including a grayed-out Submit button, I’ll just publish the problems here. My plea said “please don’t respond to me; I’m tired of being told this issue doesn’t exist.” STILL unable to create a PDF of an article in the app. I use the iBooks method—no go. Tried a reliable third-part PDF app—no go. Now it’s become worse. When we try to use Google to access General Conference talks on LDS.org, it auto-transfers us to this faulty app! Why force-transfer a user to the app when we simply want to use LDS.org to get to a General Conference talk? Instead of ‘fixing’ something that isn’t broken adding additional bugs and destroying functionality, why don’t you guys fix the app’s bugs? Frustrating!

Pronunciation guide

I really like the new update so you don’t have to scroll super far to get to the next chapter. I think it’d be nice to link pronunciation of names as a footnote, because we’re reading 2 chronicles 32 in class and nobody reading really knows how to pronounce Sennacherib, so you could just tap on the name and have a phonetic pronunciation.


I updated the gospel library and I lost all my downloads

Missing 2 Nephi...

I know the Isaiah chapters are rough, but we didn’t need to get rid of them! When I click on 2 Nephi, I get Jacob. When I click on Jacob, I get Mosiah...

Almost there.

It would be a 5 Star app for me except for one glaring missing feature in the new version. There is no way to move FORWARD through my navigation history. This feature used to be there.

Best App in the Existence of Humankind

I can read words of wisdom for years and years all for free because of this app! I love the Life Challenges section, thank you for adding that :,)

Getting better all the time.

But WHY do I have to re-download my entire library after a big update. Every single time. At the very least add a download all option under the different categories. One star for having to spend an hour to get my library back.

All Conference Talks By Topic, NICE!

I really like the ability to see which conference talks have been curated to be about a particular topic in lesson and talk preparation. Thanks.

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