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Beautiful and much needed improvement

The new design of the app is much cleaner and in line with the Church’s overall “design brand”. Very clean and modern with beautiful images and illustrations and good navigation. I think that it would be greatly improved by adding support for the different styluses such as the Google Pixelbook Pen or the Apple Pencil to be able to write notes in the margins like you can on paper scriptures. Overall a much needed and well loved improvement.

Sad that I can’t study.

Latest update just gives me a black screen on my iPhone se. really sad.


So the app is glitching and I can’t get to my scriptures at all. I thought it was my device but it is the app. Could you please fix this soon??? I would rally like to be able to use this when I can!!

Having issues downloading new material

I am trying to download the most recent conference and it’s not showing up as an option for download. Some days it shows that option but then it doesn’t download it. Not sure if I am the only experiencing this or if there is a new way to make it show up as an option to download! Everything else I love very much!

Hymns won't open

Ap won't open the hymn book ... can anyone tell me how to fix this ?

Only one thing missing

I use this app every day, and the only change I would like to see is a rotation lock added in app. The previous app had this, and I have missed it since the new version came out.

Great App, not any more.

Great app and very complete with all manuals. Two things I wish it had was all the hymns with the sheet music and be able to change the background of the pages to beige or light tan for easier reading. Concerning the hymns and copyright, I would be willing to pay for the app to be fair. If you want to use the audio portion of the app you must leave the app open and manually move from chapter to chapter. I was told by app support that you should not listen to scriptures while in your car. Go figure.

Needs to be updated for iOS 11

I can’t open the app after downloading iOS 11 on my iPhone. It needs to updated!

Make the video stop

I use the app on my iPhone to listen to general conference talk while commuting. I always start audio only. About 50% of the time, 30 seconds into the audio, the video will just start playing. I will stop the video, and it will start itself. I’ll stop; it will restart. I’ll stop the video, restart the audio, and the video will auto-start itself. This is very annoying and DANGEROUS when I am trying to drive the car. Sometimes killing the app and restarting will make it work. I’ve had this problem for 6 months or longer. Please fix this bug, and you’ll be back to a 5 star rating.


I love this app. But Is it possible to creat a hyperlink for a topic in your notes?

I love it

I love the app, but right now I don't see anything on my screen when I open it.

Annotations within content are more complicated

In some ways a good and needed upgrade (e.g. being able to highlight all content - well, except for personal annotations, but I'm okay with that) but as far as studying goes, it has gotten too complicated. Now I can only scroll through content or have the annotation sidebar open, not both. On iPad you don't have that problem with the sidebar blocking the content, and I like being able to adjust the size of the sidebar. On iPhone, however, it's not good at all, not being able to see what you're reading and have the footnotes/annotations up at the same time. To me, it seriously hinders effective study. One other note: I do like how it's easier to use different languages interchangeably now, for example in bookmarks, without having to manually switch languages.

Very good, but the scripture narrator of late is not too good

It’s good, but could be improved further in a number of areas. The most recent narrator mispronounces words, misses words or they are cut for some reason, has odd voice inflections, so this is the worst narration, in my opinion. It would be nice to have a choice of whose voice we could listen to and download it.

Suggestion/ request

I'm not sure if any of the developers read this, but if you do, could you please add "listen" to the manuals? I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that would like to listen to a lesson or institute or seminar while I'm at work, for personal knowledge or to start thinking on next Sunday lesson. If you know how to forward this to the correct department to see if it could happen it would be awesome!!! Thanks for all your great work!!!! If you would like to contact me my cell is 971-244-3158

GREAT content - TERRIBLE search

SEARCH FUNCTIONALITY IS ALMOST USELESS. Looking for a specific article in the Ensign, so I put the exact title in quotes expecting to see the article immediately. Nope. over 1,200 results. Looked all over to force it to search the exact phrase. Finally found that that AFTER clicking Magazines, then clicking Ensign i am presented a list of years months and years. Selecting one of these years and month combo, those results are presented in sections of Exact Phrase and Keyword. Who designed this!? So, even when I Know the EXACT words or title I’m looking for, if I also don’t already know what year and month it was published the search doesn’t help. Same with a phrase you know is in the scriptures, but not sure where. Without phrase searching from the get go, you have to randomly select books and chapters until you come across it. The other problem that is just maddening is that when scrolling along while reading triggers the top and bottom tool bars to appear and disappear with each scroll.

Too Large on My Old iPad

I Love the idea of having everything available. But it makes it too slow and unwieldy. I only have a 16 gig fourth-generation iPad. To have just one program using to 2full gig of my limited storage space is too much! Plus my processor is too slow and to handle the updated version. I hate it.

Deceiving app

deceiving contents , will never use it again


Perfect for my needs.

Please fix

It doesn’t run smooth watching videos on conference with iOS 11 please!! Fix help the lords work grow

Playback issues

The app is great but for one glaring issue. I use the app regularly to listen to conference talks, but if my phone is locked and I use my headphones or the playback controls on the lock screen or from the control center to pause it and then unpause it, it will start playing the video instead of I pausing the audio.

Glitch! Please fix

Theres a major glitch. The apps keeps crashing every time i open it. Other times it loads then says "gospel library updating" (or something along those lines) and then it never loads. I tried restarting my device, but it didnt work. Please fix the glitch.

Too many unwelcome changes

Only searches downloaded content, I often have to google question + lds.org to find what I am looking for, especially if multiple words are involved. Then I can download the missing content and read it. Too much drilling down to content, seems busy and confusing being presented with every manual possible.

New formatting of Gospel Doctrine manuals is a problem

The new formatting of the Gospel Doctrine manual makes it much more difficult to use when teaching from an iPad. The special fonts and abundance of white space are beautiful but greatly decrease the percentage of the lesson that is visible at one time. Because teaching only permits an occasional glance at the device, it is essential that a person be able to see as much as possible at a time. Decreasing font size to allow seeing as much of the page as with the previous format makes the words themselves difficult to read. Since the biggest challenge in teaching from a tablet is having only a tiny part of the lesson visible at a time, having that portion made even smaller is not a good trade-off for eye appeal.


Really goos


Happy with it

The Beauty of the Words of God

So very thankful for an app that allows me to read and study the scriptures. Well make and very easy to use. Thank you!

Woo hoo!

A literal library all in my pocket! What more could any aspiring scripture and LDS scholar want??

What is wrong?

What is wrong with the app?! It won't let me into it! It keeps saying that it's updating when I open it, but once it loads it is a blank page. I updated it and it worked for a little bit. Then it did the same thing as before! How can it be fixed so that I can use it?


I love how you can flip through pages.


Love the ability to read and listen depending on which works for me at the time and take notes, highlight and tag. Thank you!


I love all the things I can do in this app. My husband and I use it all the time on our mission. We teach lots of different classes to members. Is it possible for there to be file folders in the bookmarks. I would love to organize by the lessons we are teaching. We divide up each lesson by highlighting it according to the part we each do. I would like to bookmark them in order by topic.

Very informative and helpful

I love the content and the updates.


Unless I am doing something wrong almost each time I update this app to this iPad I have to reinstall everything. unless there are major problems it would be good if it was LEFT ALL for sometime now. If it isn't broken please leave it alone. Yes all the bells and whistles are all fluff but are really not needed.

Can you add Dyslexia Font to the scriptures?

I love this app and use it every day, I really love all the new updates, they are amazing! I have a son with dyslexia and both he and I would love it if you could add a dyslexia font to help him read the scriptures better.

After all the bugs were fixed it's awesome!

The new version was so frustrating at first. All my notes were lost and the chapters skipped around So many bugs and issues. I finally just deleted the app. Then I reinstalled it. All my notes came back!!!! I was pretty happy about that. Over time it has become awesome again. What a great tool. So happy with the program now but not looking forward to another over haul of the program.


Some of the readers sound like they are computer generated. Are they? I have listened to the scriptures for years and now I wish I could find another source. I was hoping the readers would change but I guess they aren't going to.

Video and Bluetooth

Why do the videos in the General conference section automatically play when I connect to my Bluetooth?


Can't adjust the font size on new iPad

Love the app, but can't view my highlighted notes

Whenever I try to view my recent notes/annotations/highlights the app crashes, please fix.


If I download the things and go out and back in everything is gone....


Great app 5/5 stars


It's cool yo

Best app ever

Gospel library is the best way of reading my scriptures and getting closer to the savior I would buy a phone just to have this app

Now with Sepia and Other Themes!

Very pleased with the recent updates, especially the sepia color theme.

Fantastic and Full of Features!

I'm very grateful for this app. It is great to be able to have all of this content on-hand and that the user experience is clean. I love that the marking syncs with my LDS account and that you can make different notes, that was always hard for me to write in the little margin of my scriptures. I definitely recommend this app!

I use it every day

A great way to read scriptures and all of the other church material. The sync is fabulous, as are the other annotation tools and multiple bookmarks. One suggestion: could we get an option so that the theme can change based on the time of day? In other words, if the sun has set, it switches to dark theme automatically?

New and much improved

This new gospel library has better functionality and better resolution as well. Then new way to highlight materials is great too especially when you can highlight the different parts in multiple colors to make certain parts of a favorite quote or scripture stick out. One suggestion for improvement. When you hit a link and it shows in the sidebar I wish an option was available to highlight the scripture/quote there versus leaving the current position to highlight the scripture/quote.



Perfect in every single way

Absolutely perfect

Thanks for adding audio download

I am very excited about the audio download feature. Unfortunately it kept downloading using cellular data and caused me a data overage. Wish there was a way to see ongoing downloads and possibly pause or cancel them. Overall though amazing app. So glad it's available and free. Thanks!

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