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I cannot open the app

My most used app

This is my most used app. I love it!

It was terrific until today's update...

...but now it won't even open. Please fix before I dwindle in unbelief.

Audio of Ensign needed sooner

My only request is that the audio version of Ensign articles be made available sooner. It's January 13 and still not there. Yet it's available on LDS.Org so it's not that it hasn't been done yet. Just please put it in the app. 1/17/18-Great. They just did an upgrade and still no audio for January Ensign. 😡

Footnotes 👎🏻

When I read, like in the New Testament, I liked how it was before with the footnotes at the bottom. You could read with the footnotes pulled up like in the scriptures, that's how I would read like the JSTs. This is so frustrating that they are on the side now please change it!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t stand the new reverse order on the menu.

Please, please, please change it back.


Love the note taking/highlighting feature and the ease of use.

Audio issue

About every three chapters the Book of Mormon won’t play. This is a new glitch.

Need tvOS version for Apple TV

This app is outstanding and the content and features continue to get better and better. I especially enjoy the conference videos going back to 1971. Would be amazing if the Gospel Library app were released for Apple TV which would make playback of videos and scripture audio on the big screens seamless. (AirPlay from my phone works ok but not great).

Not loving the update

Just updated and although I love the app, I’m really frustrated with the audio which is the feature I use the most. I listen to the scriptures and conference everyday and I no longer remembers where I am in the chapter or talk I left off on. It’s really annoying to have it restart each time. I love Elder Bednar, but I’ve heard the beginning of his talk at least 10 times now! Please fix this bug!!!

Great App, but lacks one key feature.

This app is awesome, and it’s a quick way to read through the Scriptures. My only complaint is that I can’t access everything I’ve marked. Please add a way for me to see all that I’ve marked in one place!

I’m so tired of this...

Since the latest update I haven't been able to listen to any of the study materials except my scriptures, yet again. This is a recurring issue with the updates, like someone is forgetting to click the switch that says allow audio for the Church magazines. I have deleted the app and reinstalled but nothing changes. I shouldn't have to delete the app and reinstall each time there is an update - and this last time after reinstalling it won’t let me sign in at all. I’m truly tired of having this issue on my iPhone and know I can’t be the only one.

Fix the search please

I used to love using this app to find scripture phrases that I had no reference for, but with one of the last updates the search changed and now I can’t find what I’m looking for. I don’t like going to google to search for things I should be able to find with a simple broad search feature.

I canNOT get the headphones icon to appear!!!

What am I doing wrong that makes it so I can’t find the headphones icon show that I can listen to the lessons? Will someone just do something that lets me know how I can get my headphones back so I can listen to these lessons please



Playing Favorites

I can no longer receive magazines unless I update. I cannot update unless I buy a new device. What are we on old devices supposed to do? This is pretty cruel treatment after all this time of getting new magazines and manuals. Very disappointed.

Love the app, search needs help.

The search needs a bit of help. Doesn’t find common phrases sometimes. Other wise love the app and so glad we have it!! Also love the referenced scriptures opening in side bar maybe make a way to highlight there too? Thanks for the great app!


Church is true. 💯

Good and getting better, search engine needs improvement

I really like the latest update. Personalizing with a theme and listing the category from more specific to less is an example improvement. The search engine needs further development. It only searches what is downloaded.

Video Issue Since Recent Apple Update

The video player has disappeared in the General Conference section after the most recent Apple iOS update. I deleted the app, then downloaded loaded again. The video reappeared then promptly disappeared again. Help! Update: The video player is working correctly now, yay!

Almost perfect

Please add cross device syncing and google cast support. Other than that it is an amazing app!

Audio starts over

I use this app everyday. I love all the content. Please please please change it back so the audio of talks or chapters doesn’t start over at the beginning every time you leave the app.

Incredible Resource

An absolutely incredible resource. App is easy to use. Great job developers!

Could be FIVE OR SIX....

This latest version is an example of software development these days....fix two...break five. I wish for the older version.

Love the app but...

The gospel library has become my principal source for scripture and gospel study. I like the new app a lot but do not understand the purpose behind adjusting the navigation menu. It seems backwards to list were you are currently at at the top of the menu instead of the bottom. They should be nested together with the smallest closest and expanding to the most broad selection. Please return it to how it was before the update.

Gospel Principles

It is terrible I was reading my book chapter psalms chapter 13 113 it wouldn't come back on at the red one chapter is uploading I don't know what to do this is a hot mess get it together

Great content, terrible app

This app crashes all the time, deletes my annotations, and randomly goes blank. I've had to redownload the dumb thing like 8 times because it suddenly decides to stop working completely. Please fix this bug!!! The constant updates would be nice if they weren't ruining the app. I usually wouldn't complain but this is getting ridiculous and I feel like the app is encouraging me NOT to read the scriptures


What happened to the Book of Mormon Reader videos? I loved showing these to my 3 year old. Now there is audio only. Please bring back the videos. The latest update got rid of them.

Very happy with this app

I think there should be a thing that you can tap to give you random scriptures to read, if you don’t know what you feel like reading. Other than that I really enjoy using this app, and it is very easy to use. I like that I can underline and highlight things

Suggestion: add option to resort items in a "tags" list

Great app. My one suggestion is to add a simple option to drag items in a list under a particular tag. This would make creating lesson plans so much easier, and makes it so you don't have to un-tag everything and then re-tag in the right order, just to remember that you forgot something.

A couple of things

Whenever I have to restart my phone the app loses it’s place in whatever Conference talk I happen to be listening to at the time. It’s kind of frustrating. Is it possible for that to be rectified? That didn’t used to be the case. It used to pick up where I left off. The other thing is I tried to send feedback within the app. It wouldn’t let me, the send button was grey the entire time, never blue.

Audio playback

The audio playback on this newest edition or update does not recall the spot where you left off. It begins again at the beginning. In a previous version it would recall right where you stopped listening and begin from that point forward. Please bring this feature back!

Audio no longer plays from bookmark.

This update ruined audio being played from the bookmark. Now you have to scrub to where you left off. Not user friendly. Also, you can only access the audio selection tool at the beginning of each verse. Again, why? Two stars only because the content is true. :)

So many bugs with new update

The new update no longer keeps my note or highlights. Even within a session I can swipe back a few chapters and my markings are gone. Super frustrating and, for me, defeats the purpose of studying in the go.

Pop ups

Are you a Church or a marketing agency? Let’s get rid of the pop ups.


I love the gospel library app, I use it every day but today I tried to open it and after I click on it, it goes in the it's just blank and nothing comes up. I don't know what to do!! Any suggestions?? I'd love some help!!!!!

Update misstep

I love this app and use it nearly everyday, mostly on my phone. I have never written an app review before, but feel strongly enough about this update that I decided I would add my two cents’ worth. With every update of the gospel library I have been impressed with how much more intuitive the app has become. However, the recent change in drop down menu for navigation has me scratching my head. Why the change? It seems backward now! Please revert to the original hierarchy (largest at the top, more specific at the bottom. Example: Library > Scriptures > Book of Mormon > Alma > chapter 32).

Amazing content

Absolutely the best way to study the gospel! Amazing content and fast access to new content. I will the app didn't lag so much on start up, and i don't like the navigation. Seems like there could be a faster way to browse the library. This is fantastic! I have been using 4.2 for weeks for lesson planning and personal study. I haven’t found any issues, very well developed app!

Navigation change

There was no need to change the navigation hierarchy. The new format causes the top level or “library” button to be in different locations depending on what level I’m in the application. Poor UX choice.

Really good!

This is a really good app and helps me during class. Highly recommended!

New update doesnt let you print talks

I normally love this app, however with the new update im unable to to print off talks needed for my lessons on Sunday, this makes it way more difficult.

Good Update. 1 Complaint

It's really nice to be able to search my notes. Thank you! Keep up the good work, guys! I would still prefer to have my footnotes UNDER my text though so I can look at them while I'm reading. I liked this about the earlier version and now it's kinda difficult to keep track of footnotes while you're switching back and forth from the text. Maybe you could add the option to have it at the side or the bottom. I just like to be able to see both at the same time.

Last update BAD

App will not open after last update

Still great but

I like this update. It is clean and functions well. The only problem I have is that swipe to go back still isn’t really there. It sometimes works, but usually only to go back one screen

XXX dictionary???

Of course we all know this is a 10-cow app...just trying to catch someone's attention! So way back when, we used to be able to use the "define" option to simply DEFINE words, straight out of the dictionary. It was awesome. Now the "define" feature (using ANY given word—don't try "sanctify! 😬) takes me straight to some weird Wikipedia article, then a list of movies (mostly rated R) and movie covers that are totally inappropriate. Hard to feel the spirit! 😉 Please don't worry so much about connecting the define feature to everything in the web—just a simple dictionary would suffice! Thank you!!!

App won't open after most recent update

When I try to open the app it says it is "updating" for several minutes, then it freezes.

Worth the wait!

The iPhone X really requires app support and I was hoping this app would do it. And it did! Wonderful reading experience. My favorite reading experience on my device.

Thank you

iPhone X support and night theme appreciated.


There aren’t any choices for fonts. Updates, updates but, no font style choices. Who does that? Let me guess, it’s 5e money again, isn’t it?

Love the new design

I love that the Gospel Library team works hard to keep the app up to date with the latest design and features. I opened the app this morning to report a bug about control center audio playback, only to find that the app had just been updated, not only fixing that bug, but also completely overhauling the design and making it look beautiful on the iPhone X. Great work!

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