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Was the best scripture app out there...

This app was very reliable and simple until it got updated with the new design. Now when text is highlighted to highlight, add a link, add a note, etc it is very difficult to unhighlight the text. Another problem is that if you accidentally swipe to go to the next chapter in the scriptures and were reading far down in the chapter you were reading when you swipe back to the chapter you were reading it goes back to the top instead of saving where you were. Please fix these problems and this app will deserve 5 stars. Neither of these problems existed before the most recent large update. Thanks!

Does not play consecutively.

Skips randomly. Unable to play unless I rewind to 0:00.

Failed to update

I am unable to use this app on my tablet after attempting to update it no less than 5 times. The app itself is locked in "install" mode, will not open, and refuses to update without an error message. Please revise this.

Losing spots

Whenever I go back and forth between two pages it loses my spot so that I have to scroll down over and over again just to keep reading.

Its broken right now

When I listen to the scriptures, complete chapters are being skipped because Ive listened to them previously. I am used to a chapter starting in the middle of I hadnt listened to the whole chapter, but its not resetting to the beginning if I complete the chapter. Its quite frustrating to listen right now.


I miss having the footnotes at the bottom while I read on my phone. Bring them back, please. Then if someone clicks the footnote, have the window come in on the side like it does now. I hate having to go in and out of the side screen to see if its a reference or clarification. Also, please make the audio accessible at all times. Having the option pop up only at the beginning of the chapter makes it so much harder to pick up where you leave off. Maybe let it have its own button when youre not in full screen. It also frequently freezes when Im trying to make notes and especially when I try to highlight.

Even Better!

The ability to read referenced scriptures in the sidebar is my favorite part of this app. That, and the content. :)

Duty to God

I dont know when, but since the latest few updates, the ability to fill out the Duty to God on a smart phone has been changed to where this is no longer possible. There used to be a box where notes were added. Please add this back into the app notes.

Excellent resource

Love this app. Comes in handy all the time and keeps my annotations that I can bring up. The new update is excellent and continues to get better. I love the ability to search anything I have questions about.

Was fine until 4.0.4

Ive been using this app since its first release. Although this app has gone thru so many changes, some that Ive noticed and hated, some that Ive not noticed and didnt think much of it. I have had no issue using this app until 4.0.4. I can no longer view the hymns in landscape mode which I loved using because it was easier to read. While using the landscape mode in the hymnal section, the hymns are the same as it was in regular viewing mode which makes it harder to read. The other parts such as the gospel or study books can still be viewed using landscape mode. Idk why the hymns changed but Im not to impressed with it.

This app is great.

If you are enjoy teaching at church and you also like to read to yourself at home! THIS APP IS GREAT. You can find a lesson to teach about and you can go straight to scriptures to read when your feeling down or you just feel like reading! I REALLY ENJOY THIS APP! Get it!!

Love it

Love this app. Its dependable and allows me to listen to the scriptures along with reading and that helps me understand it better.

Big Mistake

As a teacher, as I go through my lesson, I read the linked scriptures and I mark them. That option is gone, now that they show up on the right margin. Nice idea, but I want to highlight the verses, and read more. Also, it strictly brings up the specified verses. Before, I could read the rest of the chapter, verses above and below, which very often led to pondering and better insight to the doctrine/principle. Please bring that option back. Just because things get tweaked doesnt mean youve built a better mousetrap.

Bookmarks not working

My app keeps opening to the beginning of the chapter instead of where I left off. Very frustrating.

Gets stuck

Every time I try to highlight a long excerpt it gets stuck so I need to reload the app.

Latest update

Not fond of this latest update. Trying to prepare my lesson for tomorrow and it keeps locking up.

Unmarking text. Canceling links.

It is a chore to unlink articles and scriptures on an iPhone touch screen. Also, the tiny user guide is too short. It would save a lot of time if I could read how to unselect several layers of shading on scripture verses, Church manuals, and magazine articles. Touch screen freezes on iPhone 7 Plus when attempting to highlight excerpts of text in Church Presidents priesthood manuals.

New 4.04 Buggy

Continues to Freeze on highlight. Cant use on iPad effectively for study or personal references and notations. Previous versions of this app were less troublesome.

Good, but needs pictures

So I really like this app but the people who make it need to have an option in notes where you can add a picture of the hand out you got in church. I have so many times wanted to just snap a photo and add it to the scripture but it wont let me do that. PLEASE!! Add an option with that.

Bum update

I used to be able to read a little in the morning, close the app, and then re-open the app later in the day and be in the same place in the chapter I left off. Now it goes back to the beginning of the chapter which is actually super irritating. Also I used to be able to listen to chapters straight through and now it stops after every chapter. Not impressed.

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