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Where are the scriptures ???

The scriptures in french are no more in the App ? What is happening ? I need my scriptures !!! Help ... :(

Love this app!

Love it!

The app is crashing

The app is crashing in the iPhone 5c, and I cant even open it. This last update made it not work anymore. I think its a bad idea to update apps in the Friday, if you dont have a team working in the Saturday and Sunday and mainly when the day people most use the app is in the Sunday. Hope you guys have learned the lesson.

Great app

Its the best version ever done. Im grateful to have and use this gospel tool.

Dont load this update!

Annotations are gone or tedious if restored. The German Bible is gone. Search functions are worse than before. Hands off!

Enjoy using except.....

Great app except .....I like making notes of my impressions as I read but what I write is not seen until it is saved so corrections are always necessary and time consuming. Even corrections are made blindly as I type them. Very annoying.

Content not downloadable

I loved this app until now. It no longer works on any Apple iPhones. My service provider could not get it to work on his device. Downloads fine, but cannot download content. This is serious!

It is fantastic and awesome!

I like this app very much! It has full range of materials of gospel. It helps me a lot to study the most important messages. Many thanks to the development team and the Church!

Listening to the scriptures without wifi?

I love it but I wish that you could update it so that you can listen to the scriptures without having wifi.

Wonderful App with Great Potential

This app is definitely the ultimate Mormon encyclopedia you can take with you wherever you go! The only thing I would like to see changed is to see this app use the same search feature that is used for general conferences on lds.org for easier searching. Other than that, great app with great future potential!


I❤️ this app


This new version actually makes my study harder. Im currently studying the Old Testament and am in the book of Isaiah so having the footnotes visible at all times is very important to me (thanks to all the helps in them) especially in this book. I dont believe that I could be the only one that uses the footnotes constantly, especially given all the work that went into creating them in order to help people learn and not just read. Ive been using the electronic versions of scriptures, especially for my daily study, for the past 5-6 years, precisely because it seemed to be designed (and did) allow me to get more from my time in them, now I get less from my time. I wish I hadnt upgraded. Another issue that Ive noticed is that I lost all my audio downloads and the app wont complete any download when I ask it to. For instance, I try to download Conference, theres over 500 MB and I never get more than 300 (sometime 5 or 122 or 50 or some other random number even when left overnight and tested on several networks that have no problems with anything else), and instead of just downloading the individual talks it also gets each full session for duplication of data which is also a killer on space. Ive loved this app (I use it several times a day often totalling 1.5-2 hours a day) and appreciate all the work that The Church puts into it and those that work on it (I can and have accepted bugs like the download issue before) but the change to the footnotes really makes me sad and I find it difficult to do what was easy before.

Cannot open

I cant seem to open the app on my iPod touch 5th Gen. Or it takes forever.


My wife and daughter have updated to version 4.0, and now the Gospel Library app crashes after being open for only three or four seconds. One might expect something like this to happen after an iOS update, but not an update designed for the current iOS. This has occurred on an iPhone 5C and the last generation of iPad before the Lightning connection was introduced. Usually, if an update is not compatible, the app store does not install it. I am not sure what is happening, here, and hope that a fix is on the way. Generally speaking, previous versions of this app have worked well on older devices.

Doesnt Launch

Used to work great but now it doesnt launch. Hope this gets fixed soon!

Latest updates ...

I am very unhappy with the new changes to the gospel library. For me there is too many hoops to jump through to get where I want to go. For instance, I now have to open the scriptures in a new tab, then if I want to to see any notes I have added I have to find the little page icon - which by the way is so faint I can hardly see it - and then open it up. I can no longer just glance over to the footnotes and see my notes. There is no legend to tell me what each of those little pictures mean on the pop-up tool bar. At least I could read the words and know what action I was performing. It is also very difficult to just highlight one or two words or a phrase. It wants to highlight the whole paragraph. It is very frustrating. To be honest, if I could un-download the new changes I most definitely would. I dont understand why people have to try and fix something that is not broken!! Arleen Cutting

Does not remember spot

The app often opens up to the top of an article you were in the middle of reading. It does not always remember you spot in the article.


Um... I still love the app, my entire family is just missing the Book of Mormon, not sure where it went

Book of Mormon

We were reading the Book of Mormon and swiped to change chapters and lost the whole Book of Mormon

What happened?

I use this every day. This morning, my Book of Mormon disappeared. Please fix this so I can continue to use this.

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